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Unicon is a very high level, goal-directed,
object-oriented, general purpose applications language.

What's New?
  • Newly created threads' default heap sizes now dynamically adjust based on available memory, improving performance and scalability.
  • The Unicon, Icon, and SNOBOL Developer Directory has been created.
  • Unicon Technical Report #18 documents the new SNOBOL-inspired pattern data type and its regular expression literals.
  • Unicon Technical Report #17 documents research on a new implementation approach for Unicon.
  • Unicon Technical Report #16, documenting a benchmark suite for Unicon version 12, has recently been revised.
  • Support for true concurrent threads is now in the sources and binary distributions. To enable in your own builds, make sure you have pthreads libraries and headers, and add #define Concurrent 1 to src/h/define.h. A Unicon TR on threads is posted on the technical reports list. Comments and bug reports are welcome.
  • A function array(i,x) works like list(), except for arrays of integers or arrays of reals, it will save a lot of space.

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