The Generator is an international, non-for-profit journal on use of the Unicon programming language and its predecessor and subset, the Icon programming language.

Download Trouble?

Issues of The Generator can weigh in around 5MB. This is not big by modern standards, but SourceForge is known to have network load issues. Feel free to try one of the mirrors.

Printing Instructions

The Generator is designed to be printed on both sides of the paper. In some circumstances use of the printing options Auto-rotate and Center and Fit to paper might be appropriate. The second issue currently requires excessive printer memory (it prints on a true PostScript 128MB printer but not an HP 32MB printer); a "print edition" (hard copy) is available for those who need it; e-mail the editor.

Instructions for Authors

The Generator welcomes original, scholarly contributions from the community. Authors wishing to submit articles to the Generator should e-mail them to the editor.

Editorial Board

[Note: e-mail addresses follow usual syntax.]